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Who we are looking for

Whether candidates for exciting projects with our customers or new colleagues for our locations in Hamburg or Stuttgart-we are constantly looking for good people to expand and enrich our team. Learn more about Changepoint as an employer and who we are currently looking for …

Personalities wanted

At Changepoint, we are looking for personalities who can sometimes look outside the box and want to try out something new. Our managing director becomes a first-level support or the HR department becomes a software test team. So if you feel like taking part in other areas in addition to your actual activity, then you are in the right place with us! In any case, it is absolutely welcomed to think about other areas. In our weekly Jour Fix you can share your ideas with the whole round and maybe even one or the other idea will be implemented by you.

Diverse challenges

Whether a change manager for a transformation project with our customer or a developer for one of our startups … The tasks with us are manifold. We are also very flexible in our contractual relationships. Whether permanent or freelance, the decisive factor is that the candidate fits to 100% and no matter what contract you enter into with us or where you are “stationed,” we are all colleagues on an equal footing!

You can find our current tenders here!

What is important to us when applying?

Lukas Esters,
HR Assistant

Lukas: “Julia what is important to you when a candidate applies to us?”

Julia: “For me, the application has to be authentic. In addition, we only accept digital applications via the online application form. It should be clear from the application that this is not a standardized application and that the candidate has given extensive thought to it.”

Lukas: “What should the application include?”

Julia: “Definitely a detailed CV. We are also pleased to receive a short application letter and possible certificates or certificates, and please pay attention to spelling. “😉

Lukas: “And what is important for you to get to know each other for the first time?”

Julia: “For me, a working dynamic in the team is very important. So if, after getting to know each other for the first time, I can imagine being able to have a beer with the candidate, he did everything right.”

Lukas: “Do you have another clue for our freelance candidates?”

Julia: “Our freelance recruiting process is powered by expertist. This means that we use our specially developed tool to find the right candidate, that we also make available to our customers as a software solution for their consultant purchase. So in order to be able to participate in our recruitment process, every freelance candidate must have registered with expertist beforehand “

Julia Schütte,
HR Manager

And what can you expect from us?

Great team

Fun at work, a lot of laughing and a high degree of personal responsibility, combined with an extensive team idea … It’s what makes our teams!

(Photo: Location Hamburg )

Great outlook

The daily view of the harbour reminds us of the Hanseatic values, such as openness, commitment and partnership, that we represent.

And of course we would also like to apply to you!

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We believe in renewable energy and support the electrification of Egypt.

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Lukas Esters: HR Assistant

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